Welten Wandeln
Changing Worlds

5 May – 12 July 2024

Interdisciplinary Group Exhibition

Featuring Ellen Akimoto, Cian Dayrit, Marianna Ignataki, Runa Ikeda, Oda Jaune, Hortensia Mi Kafchin, Thorsten Alexander Kasper, Rosa Loy, Kelechi Nwaneri, So Young Park, Thomias Radin, Dennis Scholl, Sara Umar, Sandra Vásquez de la Horra, and Geng Xue

Curated by Nicola E. Petek & Stephan Klee

Kunstverein Göttingen
Im Alten Rathaus
Markt 9
37073 Göttingen


April 2024 | Curation

LES ENCHANTÉES №2 at frontviews at HAUNT, Berlin. With Ellen Akimoto, Roger Ballen, Daniel Correa Mejía, Cian Dayrit, Saïdou Dicko, Jonathan Drews, Simone Haack, Olaf Hajek, Marianna Ignataki, Oda Jaune, Aline Schwörer, and Geng Xue.

April 2024 | Writing

Exhibition text for Wanda Stolle’s solo exhibition IT’S DIER TO ME at Reiter Galleries in Leipzig.

March 2024 | Curation

Interdisciplinary group exhibition A Promise of Tomorrow at frontviews at HAUNT in Berlin. With Göksu Baysal, Kim Bode, Raphaël Fischer-Dieskau, PY Koller, Viktor Petrov, Aline Schwörer, Polina Shcherbyna, and Sofiia Yesakova.

March 2024 | Catalogue

Catalogue accompanying the exhibition A Promise of Tomorrow. Now available via frontviews.

January 2024 | Writing

Text for Claus Georg Stabe’s exhibition Day of the Voyage at REITER GALLERY Leipzig.

November 2023 | Curating

Group exhibition The Logic of Error at Berlin-based gallery Migrant Bird Space. With Valentina Eppich, Emil Urbanek, Dennis Scholl, Teresa Murta, Miriam Beichert, Olaf Hajek, and Anide

September 2023 | Writing

Opening speech & exhibition text. An intuitive experience of the painterly work of Gosia Machon and Daniel Hörner at Galerie Herold, Hamburg.

August 2023 | Writing

Text for Jörg Kratz & Javkhlan Ariunbold’s catalogue The Moon Sleeps Sailing, accompanying the duo exhibition at Museum Wilhelm Mogner in Soest.

June 2023 | Catalogue

Double catalogue When the Firebird flies/Stille zwischen Geräuschen. Now available via Kunstverein Meißen.

April 2023 | Curation

In the group exhibition Les Enchantées at HAUNT Berlin curators Nicola E. Petek and Stephan Klee explored the revival of Magical Realism in contemporary painting all around the world.

April 2023 | Fundraiser

The proceeds will be used to support the artists, HAUNT Berlin as well as earthquake victims in Turkey, Kurdistan and Syria, sea rescue in the Mediterranean and the people in Ukraine.

April 2023 | Writing

Text for Finn Carstens‘ solo exhibition ‚Your Weapon is absolute‘ at Carp Gallery in Taichun, Taiwan.

March 2023 | Curation

The group show ‚When the Firebird flies‘ at Kunstverein Meißen raises the question of how artists stay resilient after a personal or collective experience of disappointment and great suffering.

March 2023 | Catalogue

Concept, design and text for Christopher Colm Morrin’s latest catalogue, presenting works of the last two years.

March 2023 | Writing

Text for Christian Macketanz’s new catalogue which is published in the course of the artist’s solo exhibition at Stadtgalerie Lehen in Salzburg.

February 2023 | Curation

In the exhibition Witnessing Change the work of Irish painter Christopher Colm Morrin is presented in contrast to selected paintings from the gallery’s archive.

January 2023 | Catalogue

Concept, design and text for Anna Steinerts latest catalogue, presenting works of the last three years.

November 2022 | Curation

Peter Böhnisch’s solo show ‚Turn Out‘ at the DSC Gallery collectors lounge in Prague.

November 2022 | Writing

Text for Anna Steinerts first solo exhibition ‚Wanderings‘ at Galerie Tanja Wagner.

October 2022 | Writing

Text for the mepaintsme groupshow ‚Green Minds‘, featuring almost 20 international artists.

June – September 2022 | Curation

Solo exhibition ‚Das Reine, das Leichte und andere Erzählungen‘ with works by Berlin-based artist Dennis Scholl at Museum Modern Art Hünfeld.

September 2022 | Speech

Opening speech and introduction to the exhibition ‚Tasty Painting‘, curated by Zuzanna Skiba, at Deutscher Künstlerbund in Berlin.

September 2022 | Curation

Solo show ‚Paranoid, android‘ of works by South Korean artist So Young Park on the upper floor of the exhibition space HAUNT in Berlin-Tiergarten.

September 2022 | Speech & Artist Talk

Exhibition by artist collective M.I.A. at Kunstverein Meißen with artist talk and presentation of an artist’s book previously produced by SALZ-Verlag.

August 2022 | Writing

Introduction text to Iranian visual artist Marjan Baniasadi’s solo exhibition at Dastaangoi Gallery in Islamabad.

July 2022 | Curation

The first solo presentation of Iranian artist Marjan Baniasadi’s work in Europe made possible through a Frontviews Pop-up Exhibition.

June 2022 | Curation

A Frontviews Pop-up Exhibition ‚Allies from the Worlds of the Deep‘ with works by Colombian artist Daniela Elorza at HAUNT Berlin.

June 2022 | Writing

Text about French painter Juliette Sturlèse, accompanying her solo exhibition ‚The Night Will Tell Us‘ at Reiter Galleries Leipzig.

June 2022 | Writing

Text about Swedish artist Julia Adelgren, accompanying her solo exhibition ‚Dragonfly Den‘ at MAMOTH, London.

Mai 2022 | Curation

A Frontviews Pop-up Exhibitions with works by Ukrainian artist Darya Savchenko at HAUNT Berlin.

April 2022 | Curation

Exhibition ‚a body that used to be yours‘ by the post-graduate students of Christian Macketanz‘ class at the Dresden University of Fine Arts at Kunstquartier Bethanien.

March 2022 | Sonyashnik Auction

Around 30 artists from all over the world are offering works for auction to collect money in support of Ukraine.

February 2022 | Curation

Double exhibition with Pavla Malinova & Josef Bolf, two influential Czech Positions. Collaboration with Prague based DSC Gallery.

February 2022 | Catalogue

Design and text for Christopher Colm Morrin’s latest catalogue, presenting his newest works.

February 2022 | Curation

I invited Irish painter Christopher Colm Morrin to exhibit his latest series of works in ‚Unknown Landscapes‘.

September 2021 | Catalogue

Concept, design and introductory text for catalogue, featuring artworks and writing of all the artists participating in the Days of Heartbreak exhibition.

September 2021 | Curation

Interdisciplinary group exhibition ‚Days of Heartbreak‘ on the theme of the broken heart. A catalogue was published.

Video Concept | Bröhan-Museum

Behind the Scenes, exhibition set-up Hans Baluschek exhibition.

Writing | Dennis Scholl

‚The irretrievably Lost‘ for the catalogue accompanying Dennis Scholl’s solo exhibition.

Video Concept | Galerie Michael Haas

Studio visit with artist Peter Böhnisch for the online series ‚One Minute, One Question‘.

Writing | Peter Böhnisch

‚Open Vastness‘ for the catalogue accompanying Peter Böhnisch’s solo exhibition.

Writing | Dennis Scholl

Text accompanying the exhibition The Letter and the Organs of Giving by Dennis Scholl.

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Nicola Petek

Nicola E. Petek is a Berlin-based German-Yugoslavian curator, writer and art consultant with an Italian first name and a Turkish last name.

She is on the curatorial board of the centre for contemporary art and culture HAUNT in Berlin, and a member of the frontviews collective, an international group of artists and theorists. As an independent writer and curator, she has been working for years with various protagonists of the Berlin art and culture scene, both on a long-term and project-related basis. Together with galleries and institutions, she has worked on the realisation of numerous group and solo exhibitions, for example at the Kunstverein Meißen, HfBK Dresden, Museum Hünfeld and the Deutscher Künstlerbund.

Her texts for exhibition catalogues, magazines, artists‘ books and more have been published in the UK, Germany, Pakistan, Switzerland, Australia, Czech Republic, Poland, and the US.

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