Days of Heartbreak

04–19 September 2021

Pony Royal
Siegfriedstraße 12

Marjan Baniasadi, Göksu Baysal, Peter Böhnisch, Daniel Correa Mejía, Alexander Denkert, Emily Eldridge, Daniela Elorza, Oska Gutheil, Ekin Su Koç, Flo Maak, Hortensia Mi Kafchin, Kate MccGwire, Christopher Colm Morrin, Dennis Scholl, Anna Steinert, Juliette Sturlèse, Songwen Sun-von Berg, Özer Toraman

„Generally, the term “heartbreak” (also known as a “broken heart”) is defined as a proxy for the intense emotional stress or even physical pain one feels when experiencing a great and deep longing. The term is cross-cultural and is often cited in reference to a coveted or lost lover, though I believe this interpretation falls short.

This pain of the heart can occur both individually and collectively: the loss of home, the memory of a moment that can never be lived again, the sudden parting from a loved one, a lack of understanding from one’s family about life choices, dissatisfaction with oneself, or the behavior of others.

This exhibition and the accompanying publication function like a small study that can perhaps contribute to understanding the influence that subjective circumstances as well as cultural identity can have on the respective ways of dealing with a broken heart.“

From the Foreword
Nicola E. Petek

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